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Our management services include:

Use of a dedicated bank account, monthly reports and expenditures analysis, annual budget, checking and paying invoices, payment of crew salaries, monthly funds requests, and management of charter’s APA for captain, keeping records of invoices.
Selecting and hiring crew, interviewing crews and checking references, certificates, fitness, contracts, payrolls, assistance in crew disputes, arrangement of transportation and repatriation, collecting and dispatching mails, updating of certificates and trainings.


coordinating, supervising annual maintenance and refit work, establishment of planned maintenance schedules in conjunction with the captain, assistance to onboard engineering staff with shipyard specifications, obtaining of quotes for spare parts and supplies, negotiating prices, purchase and dispatch, arrangement of bunkering, shipyard visit during dry-dock, appointment of surveyors and technical consultants as necessary, arrangement  of bunkering, yacht transportation if required.

Renewal of licences, arrangement of enrolment into the Lloyd Register Ship’s Emergency Response (SERS), liaising with all regulatory bodies, organizing all surveys required, yacht registration, re-flagging, re-registration and name changes, management of insurance cover for the yacht and the crew. 

Hotline 7/7 24h/24h -  Whatever the emergency is.


Our mission is to manage the fleet of owner’s yachts offered for charter, to maximise the demand for the owner’s yacht all year around. To achieve our mission, we will act as Central Agents, and will use different marketing solutions (registering with charter directories, advertising in printed brochures, references on our website, and mailing updates to top brokers worldwide), we’ll keep copies of all charter contracts.
We pride ourselves in our swift responses to all enquiries.